2011-2018 6.7L Power Stroke EZ Lynk Auto Agent with GDP Tuning


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EZ LYNK Auto Agent

To put it plain and simple ... EZ LYNK is a mobile app that communicates with your vehicle. It might sound simple and not very useful to most, but the power behind the Auto Agent is truly revolutionary. The Auto Agent is connected to the OBD-II port of your vehicle and then relays information to the mobile app on your phone. Selecting what gauge parameters you want to see on your dashboard monitor is easy. Some of the options include: Engine Coolant Temps, Speed, RPM, Calculated Load, Transmission Temp, Injector Pressure, Injector Pressure, Air Temp as well as others. In the diesel world, the beauty behind this is the ability to custom ECU profiles from an authorized supplier like GDP Tuning. The benefits from this are pre-installed tunes (profiles) so when you purchase a GDP Tuning EZ LYNK tuner you can select the profile, install and be on the road! You will also have instant software updates on your tunes that you have received. No more going back into the shop just to update something or plug it into your computer and load it back in the truck. You also have what EZ LYNK calls Technicians that can connect to your vehicle from the cloud server and see what is going on if you are having any issues. Have an engine code that you need deleted? The Technician can log into your truck and do it right then and there, and eliminates the need to drive the truck back into the shop and wait. The EZ LYNK is the most innovative product in the diesel industry. We recommend GDP Tuning that comes pre-installed on the EZ LYNK because of their reliable tunes, great customer service and amazing performance gains.